Welcome to the GMS STEM Academy!


STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) in GCISD provides a rigorous pathway that inspires students to problem solve, innovate, take risks, create, work collaboratively, design, communicate effectively, and take ownership of their learning by making authentic real-world connections through the integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics across content areas in preparation for future college and career opportunities that will empower them to envision solutions for global issues.

GMS STEM Academy Mission:

The mission of the GMS STEM Academy is to provide authentic learning opportunities that inspire and allow for student voice and encourage risk-taking.  Experiences will foster problem-solving through the use of design thinking, collaboration, and innovative use of technology to prepare learners to be productive and engaged global citizens.


My schedule doesn't look right. Who should I contact?

Please contact one of our excellent GMS Counselors.

What supplies do I need to get? Anything special for STEM?

Please see the general supply lists by grade level. The only additions are:

  1. Earbuds (consider investing in multiple sets. You can get these very affordable at Dollar Store)
  2. Charger and Charged Laptop/Device

There may be some additional supplies for non-stem or elective classes.

Where can I see homework and assignments for my student? How do I contact the teacher?

We will send home information during the first week of school regarding accessing student assignments, contacting teachers, newsletters, etc.

You can always email teachers at "[email protected]"

You can get general information about GMS through the GMS Website

Follow us on twitter for up to date information about what is going on in classrooms. @gmsstem

I want to help with field trips, in the library, PTA, etc-- what do I do?

WONDERFUL! We love our parents and need community support. Please be sure you have filled out the parent volunteer background form. This must be redone  every year. It sometimes takes time to process so please go to the link below as soon as possible.

If you are coming to school for any reason -- please be sure to check in with the front office.

I would love to participate more at GMS, how can I help?

Fantastic! We would love to have you as a part of our GMS Family.


STEM Booster Club --

Contact Betsie Jaeger, Booster Club President for more information:

[email protected]

I am in a STEM-related field and would love to talk to students about engineering or just help with design challenges.

Wonderful! - Contact Taylor Reynolds: [email protected]

What is STEM?    

STEM is an integrated approach to teaching and learning that integrates science,
technology, engineering and mathematics. All content areas are integrated across the curriculum.  STEM education actively engages students through hands-on learning and discovery.

What is the difference between STEM classes and non-STEM classes?

STEM students are involved in hands-on, highly engaging activities and lessons throughout their content classes.  STEM classes also focus on how the content connects to STEM.

What characteristics does a student need to be successful in the STEM Academy?

A STEM student has a passion for math and science, can learn math and science at a fast pace, is interested in learning English and social studies through the lens of STEM, enjoys using technology, likes to solve problems and design new things (Engineering), has thought about a possible future STEM career, and is able to work collaboratively in groups.

How does English/Language Arts/Social Studies/History fit within STEM?

ELA and Social studies TEKS are integrated within a STEM context.  Students will read non-fiction texts and have a greater focus on technical writing.  In social studies, they will emphasize the use of math and science. (geography, landforms, graphing)

Can my child take GT classes in STEM?

Absolutely! The STEM science and math classes follow an accelerated curriculum.  The humanities (Language Arts/Social Studies) are Advanced level courses. In addition, students can select GT Independent Studies as a year long ELA Elective.

What is the difference between STEM Academy and the ASPIRE Academy?

The STEM Academy is designed to provide students an enriching, challenging education while incorporating engineering design principles.  Students in STEM will have accelerated math and science along with Pre-AP Language Arts and Social Studies. There are not currently specific scores that need to be met to enroll in STEM.  All students who are capable of completing the rigorous curriculum are eligible for STEM.

The ASPIRE Academy is designed to meet the needs of highly gifted students who require significant modifications in the classroom environment.  Highly gifted students are defined as those with an aptitude score of 140 or above in any one area.

Can my student be in STEM and ASPIRE at the same time?

No.  The STEM Academy is housed a GMS, while the ASPIRE Academy is housed at CTMS.  Students who are identified as gifted can not take STEM classes and Discoveries classes.  They are both designed with GT students in mind, but STEM will approach learning through an engineering lens while Discoveries is much more humanities based.

How many STEM spots are available at GMS?

The number of spots is determined based on enrollment and can not be determined until all enrollment forms are complete.

Can Spanish-speaking or ESL students apply?

Yes! STEM is an all-inclusive program and we encourage ANY student that is interested to join. Many STEM students are also in the Dual Language Program at GMS.

Is the GMS STEM Academy sort of like a school within a school?

Yes. We are a separate academy.  Students are a part of the academy for STEM classes, but are with the rest of the school for electives, fine arts classes and athletics.

Do the teachers have a STEM Certification?

All teachers are certified and highly-qualified in their content areas and are GT certified. The STEM Academy teachers participate in ongoing professional development and attend state and national conferences related to STEM education.

What is the student eligibility criteria to apply for STEM?

All students capable of working in Accelerated Math and Accelerated Science curriculum, as well as Advanced Language Arts and Advanced Social Studies may apply to the STEM program.

Will the STEM Academy prepare my student to be successful taking college entrance exams?

The STEM Academy follows all current state and district guidelines.  The district promotes a culture of college and career readiness.

Can you join STEM in 7th Grade or 8th Grade?

Yes.  Sixth and seventh grade students who are currently enrolled in accelerated math and accelerated science can move into the STEM program for 7th or 8th grade.  Students not enrolled in one or both accelerated classes will need to talk with the counselors before a decision can be made. They will need a teacher recommendation and may be required to take a summer bridging course.

Will STEM be expanded to other GCISD elementary and middle schools?

There are no plans at this time to expand the program to other middle/elementary schools.

Is there bus service for GCISD students to attend STEM? If there isn't, why is bus service provided for ASPIRE and not STEM?

No, not at this time. STEM is an elected program, while Aspire is a needs-based program.

Welcome to the Family!