Red Ribbon Week 2019
Posted on 10/06/2019

Red Ribbon Week is celebrated every year the last week of October. Red Ribbon Week is a nationally recognized substance abuse prevention campaign dedicated to the memory of Kiki Camarena, a Drug Enforcement Administration agent, killed in the line of duty.

House Council is asking the school to help spread the message that drugs are not welcome in OUR HOUSE!


Monday: Keep your Dreams Drug Free

Wear pajamas to school--Students will talk about how drugs can impact their goals and dreams!

Tuesday: Keep Drugs from Going Viral

Dress up as your favorite viral trend. Meme Challenge! Student can create a drug-free meme and see if it goes viral!

Wednesday: No Drugs in Our House!

Wear house colors and show your house pride. Students will be watching educational videos in their PREP classes

Thursday: Boo Drugs!

Dress up in a costume to scare away drugs. Keep an eye out for costume best practices from Dr. Koehler.

Friday: Drugs are Villians, be the Hero!

Dress as a superhero--We’ll see who the real Heros are in the House Rally!


GCISD will be sponsoring a drug prevention poster contest.

  • Posters must be on 11 x 17 paper or ½ of a posterboard.

  • Select your own campus committee to select 1st, 2nd and 3rd place posters for each grade level.

  • Send all 1st place posters to the front desk of the administration building for district wide competition by Tuesday, October 29th

  • Please include the student’s name, grade and school on the back of the poster.

  • District winners will be announced on Wednesday, October 30th

GCISD is also sponsoring a Public Service Announcements competition. All entries must be submitted by Tuesday, October 29th to info@gcisd.netPlease title the email “RRW PSA 2019”. Entries must be no longer that 30 seconds. Winners will be announced Thursday, October 31st

All first place district level winners will be recognized at the November school board meeting. Your campus principal and counselor will be notified.

If you have any questions, please contact Robin Davis at (817) 305-4783.