Welcome to our first GMS Virtual Open House!
Posted on 09/23/2020
GMS Virtual Open House

GMS families,

Welcome to the GMS Virtual Open House!  This is our first year and we put in a lot of work.  It's not as easy as you think to create a Bitmoji classroom but the teachers DID IT! You're going to enjoy going through this with your family. The best part? You don't have to look for parking!

You will click on the link and then on the second slide, you will see instructions and ME (in Bitmoji form)! Click on my avatar and you will see a greeting that will inform you of the process.  Make sure you:

1. Read the directions on the second slide and click on my avatar for a video message.

2. The links to ALL the teachers (except two) are available.

3. Each Bitmoji classroom has a "HOME" button to take you back to the teacher links pages.

4. Make sure you visit:

      A. My virtual office to check out the Mission, Vision, and Beliefs, and a quick note about Title 1.

      B. Check out the assistant principal's VO (virtual office)

      C. Check out the Counseling Department's VO

      D. Check out your student's classrooms in the order of their schedule (just for fun - but you can go in any order).

If your child has one of the two teachers who's links aren't live, you sure can email the teacher any questions that you have.  What a great way to explore GMS from the comfort of your home!  Welcome to the GMS Open House!

Dr. Laura Koehler