Changing Instructional Model
Posted on 09/28/2020

As a reminder, parents are able to switch their student from in-person to remote learning at any point during the school year. In order to make this change, please contact the campus counselor.
For switching from remote to in-person, full instructions and deadlines for changing the instructional model for each nine week period are found HERE. Please note the following schedule of when the form will become available, when the form must be received by the campus, and when the change will go into effect:

To change from remote to in-person after the third nine weeks, parents must complete the form between February 14 and February 26. Your student would begin receiving in-person instruction on March 22.

Again, please visit this document for full instructions, including how to locate the form.
If you have any questions regarding the timing of when parents may change the instructional model selected or the associated process, please contact the campus counselor.