Mission Statement:

The mission of Grapevine Middle School is to embrace the transition students experience academically, emotionally, and socially and to provide a safe launching pad that intentionally encourages personalized opportunities allowing students to express their unique identities in a positive and safe environment.

Our Vision:

Grapevine Middle School is committed to setting high standards of engaged, collaborative learning and to celebrating the individual achievements of each child. High levels of performance are expected for all students using a viable and appropriate curriculum.

Core Beliefs:

As a staff we are committed to ensure all students will be self-regulated learners, collaborative workers, global citizens, skilled problem solvers, and effective communicators who are prepared to successfully compete in college and/or career readiness.  Our leadership is based on service to students, staff, and families. We remain relentless in doing whatever it takes to ensure student well-being and success. Working as a team allows us to accomplish great things.