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Laura DeCutler

Laura DeCutler has been a choir director 16 years. She is married to Devlin DeCutler, a high school Choir director in Dallas so she knows how to prepare middle schoolers for the rigors of high school choir. She has 3 little boys, Logan-8, Gavin-4, and Ethan-1; they keep her on her toes to be sure. She has a weakness for Dr. Pepper, dangly earrings, cats, all things Star Wars and Disney. 

Choir is going to be an amazing adventure this year! There are so many exciting things planned and Mrs. DeCutler can't wait to meet all of the GMS Choir Students! We will make beautiful music, learn, and grow together. Change can be scary but this change is going to be Fabulously Fun!!

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1st Period
6th Grade Pony Choir
2nd Period
Prep Red
 3rd Period
Prep Blue
4th Period
Vivace TB Choir
 Lunch 11:26-11:56
 5th Period
Prep White
 6th Period
Prep Silver
 7th Period
Bel Canto Treble Choir
8th Period 

All Choir students are expected to participate in class to the best of their ability with a good attitude, willing to take risks and try new things every day.
Materials will be provided and they will stay in the Choir Room unless instructed otherwise.

Check out the Choir Calendar and Choir Handbook for more detailed information.

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