Contact Kristi Scott for Attendance questions.

If a student must be absent from school a parent/guardian should call attendance or send an email each day to report the absence. There is a chance I will not be able to answer the call so feel free to leave a message stating the students name and the reason (personal or illness) for the absence. I will also accept a note from the parent/guardian the day the student returns to school.  If there is no contact with the parent/guardian, the student will receive an unexcused absence.

If a student is missing for a doctor's appointment, it is very important to always get a note from the doctor and present it when signing into school or returning the following day. You or your physician may fax or email the doctor's note directly to me.

Fax - 817-424-1626
Email - [email protected]
Attendance - 817-251-5654
GMS, Attendance Clerk, (817) 251-5654