8th Grade 4 Year Plan
Posted on 10/06/2019

GMS counselors have begun high school planning with our current 8th grade students. This future planning is in accordance with House Bill 5.


  • HB5 is designed to allow students more flexibility in the selection of their high school courses to prepare them for their future. It allows for students to earn an endorsement in at least one of five areas; students may earn more than one endorsement.
  • An endorsement is earned when a student completes a sequence of courses throughout high school in a concentrated area of study.
  • The five endorsements are: 1) STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, 2) Business and Industry, 3) Public Services, 4) Arts and Humanities, and 5) Multidisciplinary.
  • Please view the Texas OnCourse link to get an idea of what might fall under each endorsement. Endorsements-click here




In order to begin this decision making process, each student begins a four year plan and chooses an endorsement with his/her middle school counselor.


What is the four year plan? The four year plan is a working document in Skyward that students will continue to adjust this school year and on into high school with the support of his/her counselor.


What you need to know:


  • Middle school counselors have begun individual planning with current 8th grade students.
  • When middle school counselors meet with each student about four year plans, counselors will focus on all four years of core classes, 9th grade year electives, and endorsements.
  • Choosing an endorsement is included in this working document. Plans and/or endorsements can be changed even into their junior year of high school. (Please be aware that changing an endorsement in the junior year of high school may limit the courses available to complete the endorsement).
  • After each student meets with his/her counselor, the four year plan will be printed off and then sent home for parent input and approval. Counselors will also send an email home indicating that they met with your student and how to e-sign through Skyward indicating that you have seen the endorsement and four year plan that your student has chosen.
  • When the high school counselors come to visit with each middle school campus in the 2nd semester, students will revisit his/her plans and endorsement choice.




For now, four year plans are generated from current course offerings. These are highlighted in the 2019-2020 Course Selection Guide and the 2019-2020 Freshman Course Selection Sheet (both attached).


As counselors meet with students throughout the school year, you will be sent updated information and allow for changes to be made to four year plans and endorsement choices.




Web addresses:

Endorsements https://texasoncourse.org/media/1265/five-endorsement-areas.pdf

2019-2020 Course Selection Guide https://tinyurl.com/y6fw6ddg


2019-2020 Freshman Course Selection Sheet https://tinyurl.com/yyzdre7l