Expectations for Student IDs
Posted on 09/29/2019

We are in the process of receiving more House lanyards. The cost of the dye has caused the lanyards to increase in price. Students that lose a lanyard will be able to purchase a new one for $3.00. IDs will be available for purchase within the week for $5.00. We will make announcements on where to go.


GMS School ID expectations:


  • Students wear IDs around their neck at ALL times while on campus.
  • ALL students will be provided with a HOUSE lanyard to easily identify their Houses.
  • Students need to use the HOUSE lanyard (yes, they can wear others as well) but have to have the House lanyard on as well.
  • Students will need to have IDs to attend House Rallies and other special events around campus.
  • Students may not have IDs hanging from pockets, backpacks, etc.
  • Lost IDs will need to be replaced for a $5 fee. Lost lanyards can be replaced for $3.
  • Students can replace their IDs on designated days with Mrs. Montes de Oca (days TBA)
  • If a student loses an ID and a special event occurs because it's not a designated day, the student simply does not go to that special event.
  • IDs on House lanyards can help us also identify students to award House points!



This is about the safety of our students! Parents, please help us out!