**Immunization Update Requirements**

All Incoming 6th Graders Need: TWO HEPATITIS A

Health Clinic Information   
Andrea Bernsen, Nurse, GMS 
Health Clinic Phone: 817-251-5667
School Fax Number: 817-424-1626 
It is the aim of the nurse at Grapevine Middle School to develop in each child a positive approach to healthful living in both attitude and practice. Our nurse is here to help provide a safe and healthy environment for children to learn at their optimal capacity and to provide professional care for those who become ill or injured at school.

Health Clinic
Grapevine Middle School’s clinic is designed to treat minor injuries and to act as a temporary “waiting room” for children who have become ill during the school day. Should a student become ill, persons designated on the Health Information /Emergency Release Card will be contacted to pick up the student. All telephone numbers must be recorded on the Health Information/Emergency Release Card and updated immediately if changes occur during the school year.

Students will be sent home and should stay home from school due to illness if any of the following are present:

fever of 100 degrees or higher in the past 24 hours;
vomiting and/or diarrhea in the past 24 hours:
itchy, red eyes with discharge;
unknown rash;
ringworm of the scalp (until treatment has been started);
head lice or nits;

Illness During the School Day
If a student becomes ill during the school day, the student should report to the school health clinic where the nurse will assess the student and administer first aid. In the event the school nurse is not present, the student should report immediately to the main office.

Medication Procedures
All medication should be given outside of school if possible. If necessary, medication can be given at school under the following conditions:

All student medication must be kept in the clinic
Medications must be in the original, properly labeled containers. The pharmacy can supply two (2) labeled bottles for this purpose.

Medication sent in baggies or unlabeled containers will not be given.
Written permission of the parent or guardian is required for the administration of all medication. Medication permission forms may be obtained from the nurse’s office or on this site. A new permission form is required each school year.
Ritalin and other controlled medications will require a physician’s signature as well as the parental/guardian’s signature.
Non-prescription medication will only be kept for a maximum of 10 consecutive days. Continued administration of a non-prescription drug after the 10 days will require a physician’s signature. If you desire to fax us or have your physician fax us the fax number is 817-424-1626.

For students who need to carry their inhalers at school, please complete the Authorization to Carry A Prescription Inhaler Form. This requires both a doctor’s and parent signature.  The student’s inhaler must have a prescription label attached to the canister.  

We request that a second inhaler be kept in the clinic in the event that the student forgets the inhaler at home. All inhalers must have a label on the inhaler itself and not be expired. 

 Immunization Requirements for Middle School Students 

3 doses of DPT with one dose on or after the 4th birthday 
1 dose of tDap
3 doses Polio with one dose on or after the 4th birthday 
2 doses MMR received on or after the 1st birthday 
3 doses Hepatitis B and 2 doses of Hepatitis A
2 doses Varicella or date if child had chickenpox
1 dose of Meningococcal


The following immunizations will be required for 7thgrade.  Please bring updated shot records to the RN clinic as soon as possible. 

1 dose of tDap
2 doses of Varicella
1 dose of Meningococcal

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GMS, Registered Nurse, (817) 251-5667