Grapevine Middle School

Policies and Procedures 

 Student Expectations

  • Students will be respectful of adult authority, other students, and school property at all times.
  • Students will be on time, prepared for learning, and maintain non-disruptive behavior at all times, including hallways and lockers.
  • Students will follow dress code guidelines will be provided with dress code clothing for the day.
  • Student will not bully or harass others.
  • Students will display good sportsmanship throughout campus locations to include classrooms, hallways, cafeterias, auditoriums, gyms, facilities and playing fields in the GCISD.
  • Students will contribute and participate to their highest level of ability daily to ensue successful academic and social outcomes.
  • Students will follow all rules and guidelines stated in the GCISD student handbook as promised by their signature.
  • All faculty, staff, students, and their families will work together to maintain Grapevine Middle School's high standard in creating and continuing a secure, healthy, and productive learning environment.


Cafeteria Rules

  • Food from outside may be brought in, but no shared with other students. You do not know student allergies and sharing food could be harmful to a friend.
  • No table-hopping is allowed. Find a seat and stay there.
  • Running and crossing through the tables is a safety hazard and will not be allowed.
  • Please do not cut the lunch line. Should you try you will go to the end of the line.
  • Loud talk at the table has no place at home or at school. Neither does throwing food.
  • No makeup or hair combing in the cafeteria. This is a major health hazard.
  • Do not reserve tables or ask others to move. GMS students always look forward to meeting new friends!
  • Deposit all trash and trays in proper containers at the back of the cafeteria.
  • If you spill something, clean it up. (Brooms, mops, and towels may be obtained from the custodian.)
  • You must eat in the cafeteria even if you bring your lunch to school.
  • You must get your own food.
  • Check under your table before you leave. Please carry left items to the trash.

Parents, we welcome you to eat lunch with your student. It's always a pleasure to have you visit! Sign in at the office, as safety is our first priority.

Visitor Procedures

All campuses remain locked during the school day. Intercom systems are located at the main entrances of our schools. Visitors should go to the main entrance and press the intercom button located near the front door. Designated campus personnel will identify the visitor and the purpose of the visit. Once access is granted, visitors must check in with the front office. Our campuses utilize Raptor which compares information in the national sex offender database. Visitors will be asked to present a driver's license or state-issued ID. This will provide an added layer of protection to ensure our schools remain secure environments for students, staff and approved visitors.

Thank you for your cooperation in presenting your valid state-issued ID when checking in at any of our campuses. We appreciate your support.