Thank you for your interest in the GMS FLL Team!

As you can probably imagine, we need to take a creative approach to forming FLL teams this year. Our goal is to continue the process of forming teams and building team cohesion and core values digitally to ensure we are all ready for the upcoming FLL season. 

This year's application process will include a written application, a video responding to questions provided by the coaches and teacher recommendations. The tentative deadline for these items is April 30, 2020 at 4:00 pm. If you are interested in applying for the GMS FLL team, please follow the following steps: 

1. Complete the application found at Be sure to include two teachers who would be willing to write a recommendation for you at the bottom of the form! Coach Hall & Coach Jordan will contact these teachers directly for your recommendation. 
2. Check your email frequently! You will receive an email from Coach Hall with questions you will be asked to record a video response to. You will email your video directly to Coach Hall. 

UPDATE: If you submitted an application for the GMS FLL team, please check your student email. The second part of the application process has been emailed to you! 

3. Once your entire file is complete, Coach Hall & Coach Jordan will review your file.
4. Selected team members will be notified by email that they are new GMS FLL team members and further instructions will be provided.

**Please note that GMS had 4 competitive teams last year, but having the same number of teams is not guaranteed for any upcoming FLL season. Team placement and numbers will be determined based on the best fit for team members and the availability of coaches.** 

If you have any questions or concerns about completing this application process, please email Coach Hall at Our goal is to make GMS FLL accessible to all students who are interested. 
ALL means ALL!