Welcome to Grapevine Middle School Boys Pre-Athletics
This is a new addition for the 2019-2020 School year and more information will be added soon!

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We will be using a different Uniform Company for our Athletics/Pre-Athletic Uniforms starting this year. We found a more a price friendly vendor who will accommodate us and our needs as a campus. The website will have multiple options in terms of materials for those who want to pay a little more for a performance style shirt while also providing a cotton shirt that looks the exact same for a cheaper price. We are moving away from the all Dark Grey Uniforms to a red shirt and black shorts. Along with the required materials (see below), the shop will also have OPTIONAL items for purchase such as sweats, hoodies, and other gear....even for parents! 

To also help with costs associated with uniforms and the quick growth of middle schoolers, the shirts will be the ONLY REQUIRED MATERIAL purchased from the website and we will allow any pair of SOLID BLACK ATHLETIC SHORTS to go with the red shirt. No red, white, grey, blue, or any other designed shorts will be accepted. They can be any brand as long as they are solid black (logos on shorts are accepted).
We want to look uniform and be disciplined in everything that we do; this includes uniforms! 

Here are the uniform options for Boys Athletics/ Pre-Athletics for the 2019-2020 school year:
1. For those students that will be in 7th grade or 8th grade OR in 6th grade and have clothes from a sibling who was in GMS athletics in the past few years, THEY CAN CONTINUE TO WEAR THE UNIFORM THAT YOU PURCHASED (Grey top and Grey Bottoms) IF IT STILL FITS. If the uniform does not fit anymore, was lost or you are new to GMS completely.... look at #2.
2. If the uniform does not fit anymore, was lost or you are new to GMS completely, you will need to purchase the required red shirt from the GMS Store (will be uploaded and opened shortly) and black athletic shorts.